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RIEGL presents product innovations in all areas from terrestrial to airborne, from UAV-based to mobile laser scanning and bathymetry

By Eric Van Rees - 19th October 2022 - 06:09

Riegl are so happy to come together once again here in Essen for INTERGEO 2022 and to present their brand-new products and innovations in Ultimate LiDARTM Technology.

Terrestrial Laser Scanning:


– A New Era of Terrestrial Laser Scanning!

RIEGL’s latest generation of professional Terrestrial Laser Scanners stands for extreme versatility, high productivity, ultimate performance, and additional mobility – providing an excellent return of investment. 3D position accuracy of 3 mm, less than 30 sec scan time for high-resolution scans with 6 mm point spacing at 10 m, enabling more than 60 scan positions/hour with real-time registration, weight less than 6 kg (13 lbs), 2.2 MHZ PRR, three internal cameras & GNSS integrated, and also prepared for mobile mapping applications – these key features will speed up your workflow in indoor and outdoor applications like AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction), BIM (Building Information Modeling), as-built surveying, forensic and crash scene investigation, archeology & cultural heritage documentation, forestry, and many more. The new RIEGL VZ-600i introduction video is available here.

Airborne Laser Scanning:

RIEGL VQ-1260 / RIEGL VQ-1460

– New Systems for High Point Density & Ultra-Wide Area Mapping

In addition to the flagship of RIEGL’s scanner line for wide area mapping, the VQ-1560 II-S with itsunique “cross fire” scan pattern, RIEGL is now launching the VQ-1260 and the VQ-1460, two additional systems with a linear scan pattern for high point density and ultra-wide area mapping. The new devices feature an extremely high laser pulse repetition frequency of 2.2 MHz and 4.4 MHz, respectively, and an evenly distributed and correspondingly dense scan pattern, as well as an effective swath width of 60° degrees. They provide long range capability up to 5400 m (up to 2300 m at full PRR) at target reflectivity 20%, resulting in extremely high efficiency. At an airspeed of 170 knots and with an average of 4 points per square meter, the VQ-1260 covers an area of 670 km2/h, while the VQ-1460 covers an area of 820 km2/h.


– the New Powerful but Compact Sensor for Mid- to Wide-Area Scanning

With an increased measurement range of up to 2450 m, 2 MHz PRR, and 1,250,000 meas./sec the successor to the VQ-580II now offers ideal key features for medium- and wide area mapping and corridor mapping. Important to mention: it perfectly fits the new VQX-1 wing pod, as well as it is suitable for integration with gyro-stabilized mounts and can be used with a wide range of manned aircraft such as helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and ultra-light aircraft.

UAV-based Laser Scanning:

RIEGL VUX-160²³ and RIEGL VUX-120²³

– the High-Performance Solution for UAV-based Applications

News from RIEGL’s range of NFB (Nadir/Forward/Backward)-scanning sensors: With the 23-Series RIEGL’s UAV LiDAR sensor product line has been upgraded and extended again. The new VUX-16023 provides up to 2.4 MHz PRR, 400 lines/sec, 10 mm accuracy, 5 mm precision and an extended measurement range of up to 1800 m with only 2.65 kg in weight. It is able to capture up to 32 targets per pulse and thus offers excellent penetration capabilities, e.g., for applications in forestry. This sensor also supports fully integrated IMU/GNSS electronics for convenient system integration und is prepared for the use with up to 5 cameras. The VUX-12023 offers a higher PRR up to 2.4 MHz and higher measurement rates in its proven design, further increasing efficiency for tasks with higher point density requirements. Both sensors are the ideal choice for corridor mapping applications, and are available as stand-alone UAV LiDAR sensor or in various fully-integrated laser scanning system configurations with optional cameras.

Topo-Bathymetric Laser Scanning:


– the Lightweight Solution for UAV-based Applications

As the companion of the proven high-performance VQ-840-G topo-bathymetric LiDAR scanner, the VQ-840-GL is offered in a new design. Maintaining the proven form factor, internal redesign and the additional use of lightweight structural components enable a weight reduction of 20 % to 9.8 kg (20 lbs). That makes the sensor even more suitable for UAV integration and UAV-based applications of combined topographic and bathymetric surveying in coastline and shallow water mapping as well as river surveying.

Mobile Laser Scanning:

RIEGL VMY-Series Mobile Mapping Systems

– Now with Increased Performance

With the development of RIEGL’s new miniVUX-HA LiDAR sensor – optimized for near-range performance and offering higher scan rates – and its integration to the RIEGL VMY-Series Mobile Mapping Systems, these systems now provide even better point densities at higher platform speeds. The compact and lightweight VMY design – as well as the minimum range of just 1 m – enable the VMY-1 and VMY-2 to be mounted on compact vehicles such as electric cargo bikes or quads for mapping of historic city centers, parks, pedestrian zones, etc.

RIEGL Software:

New Releases of RiSCAN PRO, RiACQUIRE, and RiPROCESS

With INTERGEO new releases of the major RIEGL Software Products – RiSCAN PRO for terrestrial laser scanning, RiACQUIRE for kinematic LiDAR data acquisition, and RiPROCESS for kinematic LiDAR data processing – will be available. Key features include a new highly flexible and adaptable data export for kinematic data supporting customizable tiling schemes, and powerful tools to enable kinematic data acquisitions with RIEGL’s terrestrial V-Line scanners. And, of course, support for all new RIEGL products on display at the INTEGEO 2022.

More details will be provided at the RIEGL booth D3.110 where our RIEGL Team will be happy to welcome you personally from Oct 18-20, 2022!

Additionally: Don’t miss to register for the RIEGL Newsroom to get informed on all the RIEGL news – including more information on all these new products – in the next weeks!

Riegl Intergeo 2022

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