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RIEGL Exhibiting Once Again at Geo Week 2024 in the Mile High City

By Eric Van Rees - 6th February 2024 - 08:36

We are excited to announce that RIEGL will be exhibiting at GEO Week in Denver, CO Feb. 11-13th at the Colorado Convention Center.

We are thrilled to highlight our latest in Ultimate LiDARᵀᴹ developments at our brand-new booth design at space #1103, front and center so you can't miss it!

What can you expect from RIEGL this year?

Sunday, Feb. 11th: We will be hosting our annual RIEGL Meet & Greet on February 11th from 9:00 am – 11:00 am in Room #703. Meet the RIEGL team of experts where we will be showing off our cutting-edge laser scanning equipment and will be available to answer your questions.

riegl geo week 1200

Sunday, Feb. 11th: RIEGL will be presenting at the Product Preview Presentations on February 11th from 10:30-10:45AM in room #502 for Airborne updates with Michael Sitar, RIEGL USA's Division Manager of Airborne Laser Scanning. From 11:15-11:30AM in room #504 join My-Linh Truong, RIEGL USA's Division Manager of Unmanned Laser Scanning for Unmanned updates.

Sunday, Feb. 11th: RIEGL USA's Senior Vice President, James Van Rens, will take to the stage for a RIEGL Presentation during the panel discussion

"Geospatial: Where the Metaverse Gets Real" from 2PM - 3:00PM in the Mile High Ballroom 3-4.

Monday, Feb. 12th at 2PM: RIEGL will have some exciting new product launch announcements. Stop by the RIEGL booth #1103 at 11AM and see what the latest developments are and get the scoop on what's joining the RIEGL product portfolio!

Watch the video below for a quick snapshot of RIEGL at Geo Week! Having trouble viewing the video? Click here.

Monday, Feb. 12th: Want some fast facts on the new RIEGL miniVUX with RiLOC? Check out Pitch the Press from 3:30pm - 4:30pm at the Exhibit Hall Theater as My-Linh Truong, RIEGL USA Division Manager of Unmanned Laser Scanning takes the stage to discuss this entry-level IMU/GNSS solution. RIEGL's RiLOC is an integrated component to complement RIEGL's kinematic LiDAR systems for localization and orientation of LiDAR data in a reference coordinate system.

Tuesday, Feb. 13th: Don't miss the exciting RIEGL Presentation
"Aerial Mapping Advances & Large-Scale Data Collection" during the "On the Cutting Edge: Geospatial Advances” panel discussion presented by Peter Rieger, RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems Manager of the Airborne Laser Scanning Business Division, from 11AM - 12:30PM in the Mile High Ballroom 3-4.

Connect with us onsite at Geo Week!
Would you like to set up a meeting with one of our Sales Division Managers while you are at Geo Week? No problem at all because we will be having our own private meeting space available throughout the course of the conference in Room #606 and also within RIEGL booth #1103. Stop by our welcome desk at booth #1103 to schedule a meeting. Check out the Convention Map below to get an idea of where to find us.

Join us for live demonstrations and product showcases
Want to get hands on with our sensors and systems? We will be having several live demonstrations and product showcases taking place Sunday through Tuesday at the RIEGL booth. Stop by booth #1103 for the RIEGL demonstration and showcase schedule.

See the RIEGL product portfolio live at booth #1103

Terrestrial LiDAR Solutions

The VZ-600i

A new era of professional terrestrial laser scanners; standing for extreme versatility, high productivity, future mobility and ultimate performance - exceeding your expectations, providing excellent return on investment.

The VZ-400i

3D Laser Scanning System which combines an innovative new processing architecture, internet connectivity, and a suite of MEMS sensors with RIEGL’s latest Laser Scanning Engine technology.

Airborne LiDAR Solutions

The VQ-1260 & VQ-1460
The latest high-end airborne laser scanning systems, which sets a new standard for a wide field of applications - from high-point density wide area mapping to ultra-high resolution city mapping or corridor mapping.

The VQ-1560 II-S

Dual channel laser scanner with a unique "cross-fire" scan pattern and a wide operational range make the instrument the most versatile airborne laser scanner on the market today.

The VQ-580 II-S

Compact airborne laser scanner for medium- and wide-area mapping as well as for corridor mapping, perfectly suited for integration with gyro-stabilized mounts as well as into the VQX-1 Wing Pod.

The NEW VQ-680

The VQ-680 is a compact airborne laser scanner optimized for urban mapping, forestry, and power line survey applications – or wherever high-precision, high-accuracy surveying of complex environments is required.

The VQX-1 Wing Pod

Compact, rugged, and aerodynamically shaped wing pod ready for user-friendly installation and straight-forward application to facilitate various airborne mapping applications.

The VPX-1 Helicopter Pod

Lightweight and streamlined pod that carries a complete airborne laser scanning platform for easy and quick mounting on suitable support arms on helicopters.

Unmanned LiDAR Solutions

The VUX-120-23 & VUX-160-23
Lightweight and versatile unmanned laser scanners with NFB (Nadir/Forward/Backward) scanning with a pulse repetition rate of up to 2.4 MHz and a wide field of view of 100 degrees.

The VUX-180²⁴

The new RIEGL VUX-18024 is a lightweight and versatile airborne laser scanner offering a wide field of view of 75 degrees and an extremely high pulse repetition rate of up to 2.4 MHz. These features – in combination with an increased scan speed of up to 800 lines/second – make the RIEGL VUX-18024 perfectly suited for high-speed surveying missions and applications where an optimal line and point distribution is required.

The VUX-240²⁴

Versatile unmanned laser scanner for use on high-speed UAV's, helicopters, or small manned aircraft with APX-20 UAV IMU/GNSS system integrated.

The VUX-1UAV-22

Lightweight and compact unmanned laser scanner designed for UAS/UAV/RPAS integration with up to 1.2 million measurements per second at 360o FoV.

The miniVUX-3UAV with RiLOC on an Inspired Flight IF1200A Drone

Lightweight unmanned laser scanner designed for UAS/UAV/RPAS integration with up to 300,000 measurements per second at 120o FoV.

The miniVUX-1UAV

RIEGL's entry-level mini and mighty lightweight UAV LiDAR with up to 5 returns at 100,000 meas./sec. and 360° FOV. Ideal for cost-effective land surveying and mapping applications on professional small UAVs

The VQ-840-GL on a Harris Aerial Carrier H6 Drone

Compact and even more lightweight topographic and bathymetric green laser surveying system for your riverine and hydrographic needs.

Mobile LiDAR Solutions

The VMY-1 integrated with miniVUX-HA
Extremely compact, economically priced Mapping System of small dimensions, that is well suited for a variety of basic mobile mapping applications. The central part of the system is the RIEGL miniVUX-HA LiDAR sensor providing 125 scan lines / second and up to 300 kHz Pulse Repetition Rate.

The VMY-2

The RIEGL VMY-2 is a compact, economically priced Dual Scanner Mapping System, that is well suited for a variety of mobile mapping applications.


High Speed, high performance dual scanner mobile mapping system which provides dense, accurate, and feature-rich data at highway speeds. With 2 million measurements and 500 scan lines per second, this turnkey solution is ideally suited for survey-grade mobile mapping applications.

Are you interested in attending as our guest?

Email Kelsey Downing, RIEGL USA Tradeshow & Events Coordinator at [email protected] for your complimentary expo hall pass or $100 off of a full conference registration! We really hope to see you there and please reach out with any questions!

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