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Riegl announces VQ-780 II waveform processing airborne laser scanner

By Eric Van Rees - 3rd October 2019 - 06:34

Riegl announces the introduction of the RIEGL VQ-780 II waveform processing airborne laser scanner for wide area mapping and high productivity

With a pulse repetition rate of 2 MHz and more than 1.33 million measurements per second, this system provides mission results with further increased productivity for both high-point-density mapping and ultra-wide-area mapping.

This state-of-the-art airborne laser scanner is designed to work with the latest Inertial Navigation (IMU) Systems, flight management systems, and camera options. The system is complimented with RIEGL‘s advanced acquisition and data processing software suite that utilizes parallel computing (GPU) for fast data processing.

The versatile scanner is designed for highly efficient data acquisition of low, mid, and high altitudes, covering a variety of different airborne laser scanning applications from high density to wide area mapping..

Its high speed rotating mirror design ensures reliability and uniform point distribution across its entire wide field of view and at all flying altitudes. Based on RIEGL’s proven Waveform-LiDAR technology, the system provides point clouds with highest accuracy, excellent vertical target resolution, calibrated reflectance readings, and pulse shape deviation for unsurpassed information content on each measurement.

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