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Regulus Cyber launches Ring – a next-gen counter-drone/ UAS system using unique GNSS manipulation

By Eric Van Rees - 20th January 2023 - 10:55

Regulus Cyber - an expert in software-based GPS/ GNSS security - is launching the first fully-operational, small-form-factor counter-UAS system using unique GNSS manipulation technology to defeat all UAS threats, including swarms, multi-direction attacks, dark drones, manually-piloted drones and 4G/5G drones.

In a timely development given the use of drones to attack tanks in the current conflict, this groundbreaking Ring system uses proprietary, combat-proven GNSS manipulation to take control of the drone and deflect, hold or crash it, or force it to land. Whilst jamming requires several RF channels to be jammed to be successful, and can therefore inadvertently affect various other systems in the surrounding area, the GPS-disruption approach can be used to target and neutralize a single threat, or unlimited threats simultaneously, using very low-power transmission on a single channel, assuring low collateral damage only on the GNSS channel.

The detection capabilities of the field-proven Ring R1 add-on include a detection range of up to 1.5 km and fast scanning of the RF spectrum, with minimum dead spots, for coverage that is more scalable and effective than other solutions. It has a minimal false-alarm rate and provides accurate classification of threat types – for example DJI or Parrot – with threat alerts based on profile matches. The Ring R1 is suitable for operation in multi-threat environments, and non-line of sight, bad weather and low visibility conditions.

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