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QuestUAV's South Korean Partner maps Madang, Papua New Guinea

By [email protected] - 1st April 2016 - 13:17

Hojung deftly manoeuvre QuestUAV’s Surveyor Pro in a single mission flight across Madang City, Papua New Guinea

Taking a break from missions and demonstrations across South Korea, and in conjunction with client management and local city officials, QuestUAV’s partner in the SK flew their Surveyor Pro UAV across Madang City in Papua New Guinea. The visit was originally scheduled to facilitate the capture of detailed maps of a 0.2ha area for update planning of the client’s drainage system developments. Once local city officials and client management saw how quickly a successful survey could be completed (on day one), they requested plans be drafted, approved and executed for a second day’s mission to survey a much larger area – the entire city. The resulting image set – some 1600+ images was collected in a single flight. Due to the low-lying location and the safety requirements of this excursion, Madang Air Traffic Control categorised the UAV flights as standard aircraft and tracked accordingly. The ATC tower is the highest structure in Madang City and although UAV flights are generally planned to be autonomous, ATC staff coordinated with the flight team in real time to guide the mission within their airspace to enhance safety even further. The weather was sunny, with temperatures of 34 degrees and winds of 4.5 knots. Processing was completed in Pix4Dmapper Pro.

The QuestUAV Surveyor Pro has been designed to allow you to capture, process and analyse your high quality mission data in the quickest way possible, drastically saving you time and money. This professional, high resolution fixed-wing drone enables a wide range of applications across many industries – including construction, engineering and land management.

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