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QuestUAV complete reseller rollout of Q-100 DATAhawks

By [email protected] - 13th May 2016 - 08:12

QuestUAV complete reseller rollout of Q-100 DATAhawks and prove the Q-100 DATAhawk’s large area survey capability.

Rollout of Q-100 demonstration airframes to QuestUAV’s worldwide reseller network has been completed in record time. Demo missions and walkthroughs are well underway in South Korea, Australia, as well as the UK and upcoming in Brazil.

QuestUAV’s last survey in Cyprus has once again proven how easy it is to cover a large area (4 sq km) in a single flight with the Q-100 DATAhawk. The entire survey from flight planning, through the autonomous flight and culminating in parachute landing, took no longer than an afternoon. The UAV images were processed and output to an orthomosaic and an elevation model - all within the intuitive image processing software - Pix4Dmapper Pro. The processed images were the basis for the generation of high quality topographic maps and a detailed hydrological analysis with the open-source GIS software, QGIS.

The whole workflow, from flight planning to flying the area with the DATAhawk through to image processing and GIS analysis, took no longer than 2 days. The workflows are tested more than a hundred times - they are quick and very easy to use and can be learned by anyone needing to streamline their missions.

QuestUAV Q-100 DATAhawk
The Q-100 DATAhawk professional mapping drone is inspired by survey professionals. A hand-launched, 2kg drone that is exceptionally easy to launch with para-recovery for safe operation in confined environments. The airframe is equipped with a 21MP RGB sensor and can fly missions up to 60 minutes.

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