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Queclink Integrates With Leading IoT Platforms To Provide Self-Managed Fleet And Video Telematics

By Eric Van Rees - 8th March 2024 - 07:53

Queclink Wireless Solutions has teamed up with a growing number of fleet management and tracking platform providers to deliver self-managed telematics for vehicle operators and technology resellers.

The company’s range of 4G vehicle telematics, asset tracking and dash cameras are now integrated seamlessly with IoT software platforms from Key Telematics, Wialon, 3Dtracking, GpsGate, RedGPS, Mapon and Maptex as part of its UK and international expansion plans.

“We are opening up the fleet technology marketplace, providing access to cutting edge hardware solutions without the need for costly software development,” explains Vernon Bonser, UK Sales Director Queclink Wireless Solutions. “This means resellers and end-users can quickly and efficiently create self-managed fleet and video telematics solutions – with advanced connectivity and functionality – to meet precise business and operational requirements.”

The platform integrations facilitate the use of Queclink’s comprehensive portfolio of products. This ranges from entry level tracking units through to complex CAN bus and Tachograph enabled devices, single use and rechargeable asset trackers as well as dashcams that include the new AI-powered CV200. This 4G device offers highly flexible and affordable fleet and video telematics functionality in a single unit, combining AI features with the ability to add a choice of secondary cameras and integrate with the vehicle’s CAN bus system.

“These latest integrations will allow us to reach even more end users and further support our continued growth within the UK, mainland Europe and global markets. For vehicle operators and resellers, it provides the means to create country-specific, cross-border, and even Pan-European fleet and video telematics solutions using the latest AI-driven and 4G devices. Furthermore, with the sunsetting of 2G and 3G networks upon us, it is essential to offer comprehensive, yet cost effective, 4G hardware options to ensure these businesses are futureproofing their fleet technology offering,” concludes Bonser.

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