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Pulse-40: SBG Systems Introduces its First Tactical Grade IMU on the Market

By Eric Van Rees - 8th February 2022 - 06:38

SBG Systems announced the Pulse-40 Inertial Measurement Unit.

This tactical-grade IMU offers unmatched performance in harsh conditions in a miniaturized size for applications where precision and robustness matter in all conditions.

SBG Systems has a long-term history of designing best-in-class MEMS-based Inertial Navigation Systems. At the core of its INS, extensive research in signal processing, micro-electronics, calibration algorithms, and sensor qualification have made their reputation of unmatched accuracy and reliability for the past 15 years.

SBG Systems announced an all-new offer in the SBG portfolio, with the introduction of the Pulse-40 IMU with the best SWAP-C in its category.

The Pulse-40 is a 6 degrees of Freedom, tactical grade IMU. It integrates cutting edge MEMS three axes accelerometers and gyroscopes in a unique redundant design that allows to shrink the system size while pushing performance level to its maximum.

Among the performance specifications, the Pulse-40 features excellent gyro and accelerometer bias instability of 0.8°/h and 6µg respectively, enabling long dead reckoning and maintaining excellent heading performance.

The Pulse-40 has been designed from the ground up with reliability in mind. Thanks to a drastic selection of sensors featuring extremely low Vibration Rectification Error (VRE), the Pulse-40 is able to sustain high vibration environments, up to 10g RMS. Data reliability during operation is also ensured by the embedded Continuous Built-In-Test, enabled by our redundant sensor integration. This functionality is a key parameter for critical applications. The Pulse-40 requires no periodic maintenance. Indeed, an intensive qualification process including accelerated aging guarantees that the sensor behavior is stable over time.

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