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Public comment sought on CityGML 3.0 Conceptual Model for storage and exchange of 3D city models

By Eric Van Rees - 16th December 2020 - 07:41

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) seeks public comment on version 3.0 of the CityGML Conceptual Model, used for the storage and exchange of virtual 3D city models.

Comments are due by the 28th of January, 2021.

A key goal for the development of the CityGML Conceptual Model is to provide a common definition of the basic entities, attributes, and relations of a semantically rich 3D city model. This is especially important with respect to the cost-effective sustainable maintenance of 3D city models, allowing the reuse of the same data in different application fields.

CityGML 3.0 creates a foundation of integrated 3D built environment data working towards digital twins and connected, smarter cities across multiple application areas.

An increasing number of cities and companies are building virtual 3D city models for different purposes like urban planning, disaster management, 3D cadastre, energy modeling, environmental analysis & simulation, tourism, and more.

The previous version, CityGML 2.0, has been widely adopted to create, maintain, and publish city models all around the world. CityGML 3.0 keeps key concepts of the previous version and makes the implementation of CityGML more versatile.

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