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ProTrack Will Launch "Locator" and "Flight" Software in the UK

By Eric Van Rees - 30th September 2021 - 08:17

ProTrack, a Israeli Computer Vision company developing GNSS-Free Positioning for Airborne Platforms, will launch "Locator" and "Flight" at the DroneX Trade Show & Conference, Booth 532, ExCel London on October 5-6, 2021.

The software solutions enable air traffic safety and supply chain continuity in an increasingly complex flight environment.

Yoav Rosenberg, ProTrack's CTO explains: "ProTrack has developed Locator – a real-time software engine that uses very robust and precise Video-Anchoring capabilities to assist positioning. To put it simply – it calculates the position of the platform by matching its real-time video to a map. The software is installed onboard using a standard processing card, such as NVidia Nano, Qualcomm or similar, which receives video and telemetry and outputs the correct positioning data. It can use the existing onboard PTZ or fixed camera (daytime/thermal/IR) or a dedicated simple camera." The integration process is short and straightforward and there is no need to purchase any new navigation or communications equipment. The application is installed on the aircraft or on the ground-control system and is currently used by drone manufacturers. It is also suitable for aircraft manufacturers and navigation equipment manufacturers.

The company will also present its Flight software, a Video Anchoring and Geo-Positioning tool for airborne platforms. The software extracts real-world coordinates of any pixel in day/night real-time video. It also incorporates ProTrack's proprietary, military-grade VMD (Video Motion Detection) and Object Tracking capabilities. Flight can be seamlessly integrated into existing C4I systems, or operated as a standalone. Customers that will benefit from Flight include security agencies, the military, civilian surveyors, and engineers.
ProTrack will expose "Locator" and "Flight" for the first time to the UK market at the DroneX Exhibition and is looking for new collaborations with companies and drone vendors.

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