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Private-public partnership project in Serbia / Bosnia and Herzegovina

By [email protected] - 29th September 2016 - 17:11

BARTHAUER takes stock: Current state of the private-public partnership project in Serbia / Bosnia and Herzegovina

With the private-public partnership project “Management System for the operation of water supply and sanitation networks”, BARTHAUER promotes capacity development in Serbia / Bosnia and Herzegovina that matches the needs of the region. Supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the ultimate goal is to convince local water companies to implement the BaSYS network information system. Andreas Koch, Project Manager at BARTHAUER, takes stock one year after the conclusion of the contract.

“We have created the organisational conditions for project implementation,” says Andreas Koch. “A first important step was visiting a benchmarking conference of the water companies in Novi Sad (Serbia) in April 2016 as a strategic platform for establishing contact and communication with the operators of these companies. This already provided the opportunity to conduct many promising discussions with potential pilot customers and cooperation partners.”

These discussions were continued at RENEXPO WATER MANAGEMENT in Belgrade (Serbia) in June 2016. Not only could BARTHAUER intensify existing contacts with local, municipal operating companies and service partners at the event, but the city of Subotica was also gained as the first pilot customer. Their data serve as the future basis for software training and workshops. Other cities from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro have shown strong interest in cooperation.

In addition, cooperation partners were identified and the nature and extent of cooperation were established in writing. In the words of Andreas Koch: “In the ‘JIE engineering d.o.o. – Gesellschaft für Geodatenservice (global spatial data service)’ in Belgrade, Serbia, we now have a cooperation partner for the operational tasks. Aleksandar Krstic will in future act as the strategic coordination point.” Aleksandar Krstic is the benchmark coordinator for the water companies in the Balkan region and operates as a freelancer for the ‘Inter-institutional Professional Network in the Serbian water sector (IPN)’. With the aim to train local customers in the future and to be able to also take over the tasks as part of the technical and professional support for the software in the region, both service partners successfully completed the first train-the-trainer training block in Braunschweig (Germany) in July. Even university institutions, such as the Institute of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, already expressed interest in cooperation as part of the PPP project.

Andreas Koch summarises: “We have increased our visibility in Serbia considerably through our recent actions and activities. In my view, both the progress and advances made with the project contribute very positively to the objective. We now hope that we will have the same success in Bosnia and Herzegovina. An important step in this direction is the participation in RENEXPO BiH in Sarajevo.”

RENEXPO BiH will be held in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on 9 and 10 November 2016. Comparable to RENEXPO WATER MANAGEMENT in Serbia, the trade fair provides the perfect opportunity to establish contacts and acquire pilot customers. BARTHAUER will make use of compact presentations to not only present the PPP project, but also themselves and how the software works.

Images: Andreas Koch, Project Manager at BARTHAUER - Presentation of BaSYS at RENEXPO WATER MANAGEMENT in June 2016, held by Anis Saad

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