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Presagis Launches Cloud-Based VELOCITY 5D Digital Twin Production Platform

By Eric Van Rees - 16th November 2022 - 12:36

Presagis, a global provider of 3D advanced modelling and simulation software, has officially launched its VELOCITY 5D (V5D) cloud-based platform that quickly and automatically converts massive volumes of 2D geospatial data into high-fidelity 3D digital twins.

V5D leverages artificial intelligence and game engine technology to run complex visualization and simulation scenarios that derive context from the digital twins.

With no geospatial data processing expertise, V5D users can easily produce accurate digital twins from multiple 2D data sets, including GIS vector layers, remote sensing imagery, and other structured and unstructured data of any size, format, or type. V5D allows users to perform live editing of the digital twin and provides built-in libraries of features and building templates to populate the 3D visualization with people, vehicles, trees, structures, and other objects, making it possible to model both real and hypothetical scenarios.

“V5D expands the digital twin beyond the dimensions of area, space, and time to include context (the fifth dimension (5D)),” said Briere. “This empowers users to better interpret the dynamic world around them, model for future situations, and make improved decisions by visualizing and prioritizing conditions, challenges, and risks in real time.”

Context is the key to location intelligence because it reveals patterns of life, human interactions, crowd behaviors, vehicle traffic movement, and other relationships. These can be identified and understood with V5D in a wide range of application areas, such as Smart City Management, Large Area Mapping, Defense, Infrastructure/Utility Security, Asset Tracking, Disaster Preparedness, and Urban Planning.

The V5D game engine and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities set it apart from other digital twin technologies. The game engine allows for pixel streaming of data, as opposed to tile streaming, which means the information content of individual pixels from the original data set is preserved, resulting in a much more realistic and detail-rich 3D environment. Embedded AI automates the recognition and extraction of objects for faster analysis and change detection workflows.

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