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Presagis Introduces VELOCITY 5D Plugin for Unreal Engine

By Eric Van Rees - 1st February 2023 - 08:05

Presagis, developer of the VELOCITY 5D (V5D) digital twin production platform, announced availability of the V5D Plugin for Unreal Engine, the most powerful 3D computer graphics engine on the market today.

The plugin enables users to load a GIS-generated V5D digital twin into Unreal Engine to create highly realistic visualizations and simulations of entire cities and even countries.

“The primary application of the Unreal Engine Plugin will be in 3D visualization applications covering large geographic areas because of V5D’s unmatched ability to produce 3D digital twins from massive geospatial data sets,” said Jean-Michel Briere, Presagis President.

The most beneficial applications of the plugin will be in aviation, aerospace, urban planning, disaster preparation, and defense simulations that need to include expansive geographies. Visualizations that span long linear distances, such as the design of transportation routes and utility corridors, will also benefit. V5D for Unreal is the perfect extension of the scalable and highly automated, cloud based CDB production pipeline VELOCITY 5D. V5D for Unreal allows users to create custom visualization and simulation experiences in Unreal Engine while natively loading OGC CDB content produced by Velocity 5D platform or other OGC CDB compliant toolsets.

Release of the plugin is a win-win for existing users of both V5D and Unreal Engine, Briere explained. V5D users will be able to make powerful 3D fly-throughs and immersive simulations of their GIS-based digital twins. Unreal Engine users can now incorporate geospatially accurate cityscapes and terrains into their 3D experiences.

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