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PointFuse revolutionizes reality capture deliverables with free new Plugin for Autodesk Revit

By Eric Van Rees - 10th June 2022 - 07:16

PointFuse software has launched a free plugin for Autodesk Revit which will transform users’ reality capture workflows and provide significant time and cost savings.

Developed to enable clients to utilise the full potential of their point cloud data in a completely scalable way, without any performance issues often presented by large point cloud data sets.

How does it work?

Using either PointFuse Standard or PointFuse Pro, the point cloud is automatically converted by the software into a segmented mesh model, which can then be classified and exported to the plugin.

Once ready, this mesh is published to a PointFuse Revit Rile Format (.prf) ready to be linked into any existing Revit project on any user’s machine whether they have a license of PointFuse or not.

Why is this useful?

Using point clouds can be tricky inside Revit for several reasons. Firstly, the point cloud is a big, single object so it can be difficult to get into the data to start modelling or to see what is going on. It requires a high degree of skill to interpret and a point cloud in view can cause negative hardware performance issues creating productivity challenges for the project team.

The PointFuse Plugin for Revit solves all of this as it enables users to either integrate a PointFuse mesh into their workflow; or easily model existing conditions by bringing mesh assets directly into their Revit project as objects. Both speed up and simplify workflows, enabling the easy integration of accurate reality capture data, providing cost and time savings.

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