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Plowman Craven launches next-generation Vogel Freedom UAV survey system for rail

By Eric Van Rees - 3rd April 2023 - 13:08

Plowman Craven has launched Vogel Freedom, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based survey system that brings a host of game-changing benefits for rail infrastructure surveying, including efficiency, safety and sustainability whilst maintaining Vogel’s class-leading Band 1 survey accuracy.

An industry milestone, the launch marks the first survey-grade solution that can survey tracks without physical access. Based on Plowman Craven’s unique IP, this accelerates the process of capturing data and converting it into client deliverables such as topographical surveys and, with 100% removal of ‘boots on ballast’, offers superior flexibility for when surveying can be undertaken. Compared with traditional methods, Vogel Freedom is:

  • 20% faster, dramatically cutting the typical labour and time intensive track-based tasks such as the installation of ground control points. This means that mobilisation times are now faster than ever, down from weeks to days, and the programme’s speed of delivery enhances the client journey, delivering valuable data quicker;
  • 30% cheaper, reducing the need for extensive hours of work for safety critical staff, allowing work to take place during daylight hours (as opposed to midweek nights and weekend possessions) and reducing the overall time spent on site. This results in major savings across project lifecycles;
  • 85% lower carbon, due to a vastly lower number of staff needed on site. In turn, less site time means fewer shifts required across projects and reduced travel (and associated emissions) to and from sites. This is aligned with the decarbonisation targets for the UK’s rail networks and wider net zero ambitions in the UK.

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