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Plans Unveiled To Better Connect Space Industries In Scotland And The UAE

By Eric Van Rees - 10th May 2022 - 08:29

Globally focused strategic space marketing firm AstroAgency, headquartered in Edinburgh, has announced it will team up with a Dubai-based space investment and advisory company AzurX, to support space businesses in both regions, access new development opportunities and forge collaborative partnerships.

The two organisations boast a global space client base, with AzurX acting as the trusted advisor and counselor to a growing number of the world's most influential aerospace and space companies including Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Satellite Imaging Company HySpecIQ backed by venture capitalist Peter Thiel. AstroAgency’s international team has a proven track record of working with a range of government entities including the UK Space Agency, European Space Agency Business Incubation Centres in the UK, RAL Space and Science and Technology Facilities Council, as well as close to 40 private sector companies such as Astroscale, Euroconsult and Astrosat.

AzurX and AstroAgency previously collaborated on a strategic project to support the Scottish Government and its agencies, delivering the Scottish Space Day at Expo 2020 Dubai. The firms recognised an opportunity to build upon the foundations created by the event, which benefitted a host of Scottish space stakeholders, including Prestwick Spaceport, Trade in Space and Skyrora, that took part in a delegation to meet with potential partners and investors in the UAE.The event served as the stage to announce the ambitious new Scottish Space Strategy, illustrating the growing importance of the sector for the Scottish economy which led to significant media attention from CNN and a plethora of Emirati media platforms.

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