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Phase One Names Remote Vision as Swiss Reseller of Drone Payloads

By Eric Van Rees - 20th January 2022 - 08:25

Phase One, a developer of digital imaging technologies, announced a business partnership with Remote Vision GmbH, a provider of bespoke unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions in Herisau, Switzerland.

Under the agreement, Remote Vision will serve as an integrator and reseller of Phase One drone payloads throughout Switzerland.

Mathias Motz, Vice President EMEA at Phase One, outlines: “Remote Vision is the perfect fit to follow our growth strategy in selling our Phase One drone payloads into the Swiss market. We are convinced, that their wealth of experience in selling UAV solutions into the drone industry, combined with our camera and gimbal technology, enables us to be successful in the Swiss inspection and UAV mapping market.”

Remote Vision is an end-to-end developer of customized professional drone systems, offering expert consulting, sales, pilot training, maintenance, and flight operations. The firm is also an enterprise reseller of DJI drone hardware and software, matching its customers with the right equipment for applications ranging from surveying & inspection to agriculture, public safety, and forestry.

“The Phase One P3 combines photographic perfection and extreme ease of use,” said Remote Vision CEO Ueli Saeger. “The P3 mounted on the DJI Matrice 300 actually provided the most perfect images I have seen in my 15-year career in drone photography.”

Phase One currently offers several drone payloads, all designed primarily for fast, efficient, and safe inspection of critical infrastructure, yet versatile enough to handle any end user application. Each payload includes a high-resolution, medium format Phase One iXM 100MP or 50MP metric camera with four RSM lens options. The P3 payload includes a new gimbal with integrated rangefinder.

Phase One payloads are designed to fit the DJI M300, MAVlink supported drones, and DJI M600 Pro. The P3 for DJI M300 is a plug-and-play system ready to fly on a DJI M300 drone. The P3 for MAVLink supported drones is offered for easy integration with any drones that are based on the open-source MAVLink protocol.

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