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Phase One Industrial partners with Drone Nerds

By [email protected] - 3rd November 2017 - 11:14

Phase One Industrial partners with Drone Nerds to provide drone-based premium quality aerial imaging solutions

COPENHAGEN, Nov. 2, 2017 – Phase One Industrial, a leading manufacturer and provider of medium format aerial and industrial digital photography equipment is partnering with Drone Nerds, specialists in the supply of high-end drones for a variety of commercial, private, and recreational needs.

The partnership between Phase One Industrial and Drone Nerds means that industry-leading, high-definition, 100MP medium format aerial cameras will be fully integrated with drone offerings from a major Americas provider. As drones are increasingly utilized for a variety of industrial uses, this partnership is designed to make better quality solutions more widely available.

“We are committed to taking image quality to new heights in this exciting market for drone-based aerial applications,” said Steve Cooper, VP Sales, Phase One Industrial. “This new partnership with Drone Nerds promises to fulfill our customers’ growing aerial requirements.”

“Our customers rely on our ability to deliver high-end solutions,” said Jeremy Schneiderman, CEO, Drone Nerds. “Working with Phase One Industrial is a great opportunity now, and adds high-end imagery to our extensive drone offering.”

Sergio Hernandez, Area Sales Manager, Phase One Industrial and Brian Grant, Director of Enterprise Sales, Drone Nerds both commented at the recent Commercial UAV Expo, “We are glad to be working together to penetrate vertical markets in North America and South America.”

Phase One aerial cameras continue to be chosen by experts, due to their exceptional accuracy, image quality and coverage that rival large format cameras at a fraction of the price. Built for use on everything from small UAVs to large manned aircraft, Phase One aerial cameras are easily integrated into existing systems, both onboard the aircraft and in post-production.

Drone Nerds specializes in the supply of high-end drones for a variety of commercial, private, and recreational needs. A leading DJI-authorized service center, the company is able to deliver the highest quality drones at the highest quality service. Whether customers require drones for aerial filming, videography, surveying, or anything else, Drone Nerds has the drones available to suit a variety of needs.

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