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Phase One Announces New Calibration Lab and Geospatial Center of Excellence in Denver

By Eric Van Rees - 16th June 2023 - 05:32

Phase One, a pioneering provider of professional aerial cameras, has announced the opening of a new calibration lab and geospatial center of excellence in Denver, Colorado.

The new facilities will offer many benefits to both new and existing Phase One customers, including improved accuracy, fast turnaround times, and highly automated workflows for procedural consistency.

The new US-based calibration lab, purpose-built to handle accurate calibration of cameras across the full range of Phase One aerial lenses, will enable customers to renew their calibration without downtime. The lab's state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled technicians will provide customers with the highest level of accuracy and quality, ensuring that their Phase One equipment is performing at its best.

The Denver office will be established as the Phase One Geospatial Centre for Excellence, providing final assembly, adjustment, and testing of all PAS aerial mapping systems, including aerial calibration.

“The opening of our new Calibration Lab and Geospatial Centre of Excellence in Denver is a milestone for Phase One,” said Jon Gilbert, Global Director of Geospatial Support, Phase One. “These new facilities allow us to offer our customers faster turnaround times, improved accuracy, and highly consistent procedures.”

Phase One’s investment in the Denver office demonstrates its commitment to providing the highest quality geospatial imaging solutions. With an extended support staff of 5 professionals, the company reinforces its dedication to enhancing service delivery and customer experience.

The new calibration lab in Denver was built in tandem with an identical new calibration facility in Japan, which is used when calibration is needed as part of new production or following repair. “Together, these facilities represent a significant investment by Phase One in its customers and its commitment to providing the highest quality imaging solutions,” said Henrik Håkonsson, CEO, Phase One.

In addition to building the two new calibration facilities, Phase One has also revamped the underlying photogrammetric calibration process and implemented a highly automated workflow to further improve accuracy, consistency, and repeatability.

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