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Paracosm Partners with Geo-Plus to Expand Land Survey Offerings

By Eric Van Rees - 21st February 2020 - 06:55

Joining forces to offer end-to-end 3D mapping workflows for a variety of applications.

Paracosm announced a partnership with Geo-Plus to offer the VisionLiDAR point cloud processing software in a bundle with the PX-80 handheld scanner.

“We are delighted to offer this software to our PX-80 customers” says Amir Rubin, Paracosm president. “The versatile VisionLiDAR works as a standard point cloud processing tool—a critical need in many workflows—but also includes comprehensive functionality for specific applications like topography generation, city assets extraction, and tree extraction. It allows us to offer a truly complete 3D mapping solution to meet the needs of demanding users in surveying and other industries.”

“Paracosm’s robust handheld mapping technology is an ideal complement to our software,” says Wilfrid Beaupre, CEO of Geo-Plus. “Bundled together, they provide users with a variety of powerful, cutting-edge workflows—helping them to generate quality 3D deliverables in almost any environment.”

To kick off this new partnership, Paracosm and Geo-Plus will host an informational webinar on March 12, 2020 at 3PM EST. Called “How the Paracosm and Geo-Plus Partnership Streamlines Your 3D Land Survey Workflows,” this webinar will demonstrate a variety of general and industry-specific workflows, including:

  • The benefits of handheld lidar for outdoor capture
  • General point-cloud processing, including cropping, segmentation, georeferencing, leveling, etc.
  • Creating topography or ground surface
  • City infrastructure asset detection, including curbs, poles, signs, fire hydrants, etc.
  • Gathering tree DBH measurements for forest inventory
  • Volume analysis for material stockpiles

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