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P.N. Daly Drives Road Safety Improvements With Real-Time Driver Feedback Solution From Ctrack

By Eric Van Rees - 14th March 2021 - 10:40

P.N. Daly Ltd, the leakage detection, water efficiency and new utilities network specialist, has achieved further improvements in road safety following the adoption of an in-cab driver feedback solution from Ctrack by Inseego.

The company installed Ctrack’s Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI) in over 150 vans, used for a contract with a leading water company, to complement its existing Ctrack fleet telematics system. This has resulted in a dramatic reduction in driver risk, with at-fault collisions dropping by 50% and infringements per mile being cut by almost 25%.

“DBI has given our road safety strategy added impetus by using real-time engagement to encourage responsible driving,” explains Nik Darby, Contract Manager at P.N.Daly Ltd. “It has helped us build on the upward trend we were already on and we are confident we have the telematics solution in place to achieve continuous improvement. The results are testament to this, with impressive safety improvements across the fleet of vans.”

P.N. Daly is actively using the driver performance report within Ctrack Online, which provides a useful ranking tool to identify areas of improvement. Employees are placed in a green, yellow or red band based on their driving performance, with an overall score calculated to enable a simple ranking system. In the six months following the adoption of DBI, the number of drivers in the best performing green band increased by 31.6%, while those in the highest risk red band reduced by 72.7%.

The Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI) is an in-vehicle device that alerts to any driving exceptions by displaying a series of traffic-light coloured lights. It cautions drivers regarding a range of infringements from harsh acceleration, braking and cornering to travelling too quickly over speed humps and excess idling. Green, amber and red lights display a cumulative number of warnings, while a sustained period of positive driving will enable a driver to clear the lights.

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