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Over 50% off Trimble Business Center. It’s a Big Deal.

By [email protected] - 19th April 2016 - 08:18

For a limited time, Trimble is offering promotional pricing on two Trimble Business Center bundles:

Drafting Pack is an upgrade for customers that have an existing TBC license and would like to add both the Advanced Drafting and Data Prep modules. We are offering a discount of over 50% for the Drafting Pack.

Survey Superpack is a new TBC license that includes the TBC Advanced Edition, Advanced Drafting Module, Data Prep Module and GIS Module in one offering. We are offering a discount of over 40% for the Survey Superpack.

What's in the modules?

Advanced Drafting Module

Highly customizable templates and simplified selection tools designed to reduce the time required to generate high-quality deliverables, such as geospatial maps and corridor cross-sections.

Data Prep Module

Import 2D vector PDFs and automatically extract vector information for takeoff. Easily create actionable 3D models from 2D plans directly within Trimble Business Center, enabling field-to-finish survey design.

GIS Module

Streamlined collection of GIS-schema compliant data from Trimble Access that directly integrates with your GIS data in just a few simple steps. Workflows include connecting to a GIS data provider, such as Esri, to extract and import attribute schemas. You can also create feature code libraries that comply with GIS project requirements and directly integrate those data deliverables back into GIS projects.

There’s never been a better time to try Trimble Business Center. Have your local Trimble Distributor contact you about this limited time offer.

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