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Outsight partners with Indra to accelerate the deployment of 3D LiDAR solutions in smart transport infrastructures

By Eric Van Rees - 19th June 2023 - 05:23

Indra has signed a strategic agreement with the startup Outsight to accelerate the use of artificial vision based on 3D LiDAR in its solutions for the Mobility business, to deploy innovative applications in intelligent transport infrastructures, such as airports, train or bus stations, ports or logistics centres, for both operational and commercial purposes and to improve the passenger experience.

LiDAR technology can track the movement of vehicles, goods and people, while respecting anonymity, and is capable of operating in any weather or lighting conditions, offering a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to traditional analysis technologies based on cameras, radar or ultrasonic sensors.

This technology, coupled with Indra's ability to integrate additional data sources, will enable infrastructure operators to optimise operational efficiency, understand the commercial potential of their resources and improve the safety and security of facilities, as well as the traveller experience. It also provides key information for proactive decision making, improved fluidity of movement and optimisation in different transport applications.

The 360° solution proposed by Indra and Outsight will transform raw data from any LiDAR as well as data captured by transport infrastructure systems into actionable information and intelligence. The position, movement and speed of passengers, as well as cargo and vehicles are converted into "profiles", in accordance with the Data Protection Act, and into actionable KPIs. This provides operators with detailed information to optimise real-time and strategic passenger and cargo flows, pricing strategies, technological investments, revenue and resource management, among other benefits.

Thanks to this agreement, Outsight will have an industrial partner, a global leader in engineering technology, to extend the use of its technology, whilst Indra will reinforce its position as a leader in the smart mobility area.

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