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Outsight Introduces The First Lidar Pre-Processing Software Engine

By Eric Van Rees - 11th May 2021 - 06:44

Outsight, the pioneer of 3D Spatial Intelligence solutions, announced the launch of a game-changing product: the Augmented LiDAR Box (ALB).

It’s the first real-time LiDAR Software Engine that allows application developers and integrators to seamlessly use LiDAR data from any hardware supplier. Created as a turnkey solution, the ALB enables leveraging 3D Spatial Intelligence’s unique value while avoiding the complexity of processing 3D data in real-time. Being a LiDAR-agnostic solution, it saves the customer the hassle of assessing and choosing the most appropriate LiDAR for each application. LiDAR can now be easily used by everyone!

This new product offering follows thorough early customers’ validation processes across several different markets (Robotics, Automotive, ITS, Security & Surveillance), geographies (USA, Europe, Asia) and user profiles (Market-leading corporates, Start-ups and Universities) as well as strategic partnership agreements and collaborations with the most prominent LiDAR suppliers in the USA and Asia, including Velodyne (NASDAQ: VLDR), Ouster (NYSE: OUST), Hesai, and Robosense.

Whether it is for monitoring the flow of people or goods, builders of Mobile Robots & Vehicles as well as Integrators of Solutions are increasingly interested in leveraging the unique value of real-time 3D Spatial Intelligence that LiDAR technology creates, but don’t want to deal with the complexity of processing RAW LiDAR data.

Moreover, for the best professionals in most applications, going through the hassle of assessing, selecting and using the right LiDAR sensor out of dozens of hardware suppliers and more than a hundred available products, without any standard, is also a time-consuming, non-value added and inefficient use of engineering resources.

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