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Optical Filters for Raman Spectroscopy

By Eric Van Rees - 23rd August 2019 - 08:01

Used in Pharmacology and Mineralogy Industries

Raman spectroscopy is a molecular identification technique. Usually a monochromatic light source such as a laser is used to interact with the molecular vibrations in the system. The energy state of the laser is subsequently shifted up or down. Ultimately this can be used to identify the vibrational mode of the molecule which acts like a fingerprint for a given material.

This valuable data helps identify the molecule and its structural characteristics. This includes their chemical and intramolecular bonding.

Raman spectroscopy is typically used in a variety of industries such as pharmacology and mineralogy.

LASER COMPONENTS can provide a range of precision laser edge filters to attenuate scattered light, thus signifi cantly improving the signal to noise ration reaching the detector and improving the sensitivity of your systems.

High efficiency angle tuning narrow bandpass filters can also be provided which take advantage of blue-shifts with increasing angle of incidences. Coverage of an entire Raman spectral range can be achieved by incorporating a few of LASER COMPONENTS‘ narrow bandpass filters.

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