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Optical Filters for Machine Vision Applications

By [email protected] - 17th April 2019 - 13:03

Optical Filters for Machine Vision Applications - Standard and Custom Designs Available

Machine vision is becoming increasingly common in industry, taking on roles previously carried out by humans such as counting objects on a production line, reading serial numbers or inspecting objects for surface defects. In many cases machine vision offers much greater effi ciency than manual inspection methods, with higher speeds and accuracy, high magnifi cation and 24-hour operation.

Alongside our popular range of laser modules for machine vision, LASER COMPONENTS provides optical filters suited to this application. By selectively isolating the spectral signature of various objects, they can be carefully analysed and inspected. The sensors used in machine vision usually have detection wavelengths over a broad range of the spectrum from the UV through near infrared, therefore optical filters are used in order to attenuate the unwanted light and thus increase the signal to noise ratio.

Standard and custom designs are available, covering a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum to suit all machine vision applications.

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