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OGC Seeks Public Comment on update to 3D Tiles Community Standard

By Eric Van Rees - 26th April 2022 - 08:10

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) seeks public comment on a proposed update to the 3D Tiles Community Standard, which is used for sharing, visualizing, fusing, and interacting with massive heterogenous 3D geospatial content across desktop, web, mobile – and now metaverse – applications.

Comments are due by 25 May, 2022.

The proposed v1.1 revision to the 3D Tiles Community Standard, planned for submission to OGC by Cesium, is designed for streaming high-resolution, semantically-rich 3D geospatial data to the metaverse. 3D Tiles 1.1 promotes several 3D Tiles 1.0 extensions to ‘core’ and introduces new glTF™ extensions for fine-grained metadata storage.

The primary enhancements proposed for OGC 3D Tiles 1.1 include:

*Semantic metadata at multiple granularities
*Implicit tiling for improved analytics and random access to tiles
*Multiple contents per tile to support layering and content groupings
*Direct references to glTF™ content for better integration with the glTF ecosystem
3D Tiles 1.1 is backwards compatible with 3D Tiles 1.0 – aside from version number itself, valid 1.0 tilesets are also valid 1.1 tilesets.

3D Tiles 1.1 is expected to be finalized by Cesium in May, 2022 and subsequently submitted to OGC for consideration as a revision to the existing Community Standard. Reference implementers are committed to updating their implementations with the final release of the specification.

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