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OGC joins new Metaverse Standards Forum as Founding Member

By Eric Van Rees - 12th July 2022 - 08:01

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) announced that it is a founding member of the newly launched Metaverse Standards Forum.

The Metaverse Standards Forum, hosted by Khronos Group, brings together leading standards organizations and companies for industry-wide cooperation on interoperability standards needed to build the open metaverse. The Forum will explore where the lack of interoperability is holding back metaverse deployment and how the work of Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) defining and evolving needed standards may be coordinated and accelerated.

Everything OGC does can be applied to the Metaverse. Our community can contribute expertise in 3D, Modeling & Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, streaming, Augmented and Virtual Realities, routing, mapping, and more – all at scale. As such, and in addition to OGC’s membership in the Metaverse Standards Forum, OGC is currently in the process of forming an OGC Metaverse Domain Working Group, which will have its inaugural meeting at the 124th OGC Member Meeting in Singapore in October, 2022, which has the theme of Digital Twins and the Metaverse.

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