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Official release of 3DReshaper 2017

By [email protected] - 9th May 2017 - 09:30

3DReshaper 2017 has been officially released on April 14. Get the best of 3DReshaper and benefit from all the latest features by downloading this new version.

3DReshaper 2017 brings two new ways to share and exchange data. The first one is a complete interface with AutoCAD to transfer meshes, surfaces, polylines, etc. in one click and in both ways. The second one is the 3D PDF export to add a complete 3D scene to your reports and so to provide complete and interactive deliverables.

The new “Tunnel Extractor” will be very useful to clean a tunnel scan (automatically remove catenaries, cars, tripods, etc.) and easily get an accurate 3D model.

To facilitate the user experience and better answer your needs, the 2017 version includes four new menus. Among them, you have a “Construction” menu with all the commands required to construct objects, and a “View” menu with all the tools to manage the display and the 3D scene.

Concerning mesh processing tools, this version includes a new command “Write on Mesh” to add a text on a 3D model (useful for 3D printing for example) and improves the “Spherical Mesh” to get better and faster results.

3DReshaper 2017 includes also other significant improvements:

  • The possibility to convert a coloured or an inspected mesh into a textured mesh
  • The “Best Symmetry Plane” command working on clouds or meshes.
  • A new option to follow some constraints in the “Create Network” command (CAD plug-in).
  • And much more: more than 60 features are listed in the complete release notes!

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