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OceanWise Offers Continuity for Marine Mapping Users

By [email protected] - 17th October 2017 - 20:47

OceanWise is very sorry to hear the announcement that SeaZone will no longer be selling or renewing licences for HydroSpatial or any of its other marine mapping data.

Dr Mike Osborne, Managing Director of OceanWise, who founded SeaZone in 2004, commented: "High quality marine spatial mapping data is essential for many businesses, and OceanWise would like to provide reassurance to those affected by the SeaZone decision that we and our Licensed Partners are happy to help in any way we can."

OceanWise, as a licensed reseller of UK and other Hydrographic Office sourced material, is able to offer both new licences and renew old ones, thus ensuring data users continue to have a valid licence to allow them to use the data and avoid breach of copyright.

OceanWise provides high quality mapping to meet the needs of the marine community. Its third generation Marine Themes data and seabed Digital Elevation Model (DEM) have been used for many years by the public and private sectors, including within central government and numerous agencies. Raster Charts XL is truly innovative, providing users with the ability to combine a chart background with more suitable and up to date land mapping or satellite imagery.

Mike Osborne concludes: "We believe the future looks very promising for all users of coastal and marine mapping data. We will continue to innovate, with new enhanced products such as our Web Map Services, and strive to provide excellent value and customer service."

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