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By [email protected] - 9th July 2019 - 16:03

As most applications require longer one single continuous lengths of steel armoured cables, so NOVACAVI efficiently improved equipment and optimized production system to handle cuts deployment till several kilometres.

Focused on developing custom cables solutions for the most rigorous operational requirements, this implementation will help to go deeper and farer whether it is to the ocean floor, the bottom of a mine or down a well.

Custom designed single and multi-layered steel armoured cables can be supplied using torsion balanced galvanized steel wire armour in various configurations, with or without overall sheath, in a wide range of diameters, with tightest size tolerance and high breaking strength in fit for purpose quantity and lengths.

Specialist in custom cables design and manufacturing for harsh and demanding environments since 1975, NOVACAVI provided the most efficient cable solution to face and support all activities in the most difficult scenarios.

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