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NextNav Unveils First European Testbed for High-Accuracy Vertical Location Technology

By Eric Van Rees - 23rd June 2023 - 05:34

NextNav, a global provider of next-generation GPS, has announced the first European commercial testbed for its high-accuracy Pinnacle vertical location technology.

Operating in the Paris area in France, the testbed will demonstrate the benefits Pinnacle can bring to local emergency response agencies and integration with applications and devices from existing NextNav partners.

NextNav Pinnacle leads the geolocation industry in providing precise floor-level vertical location, which is increasingly important in emergency response. The NextNav testbed near Paris represents the crucial first step in NextNav's vision to offer Europe next-generation 3D GPS services. With a terrestrial-based system, NextNav aims to provide highly accurate 3D position, navigation, and timing (PNT) information - revolutionizing emergency services, logistics, telecommunications and other sectors that rely on precise positioning and timing and are otherwise vulnerable to GPS interference – an increasing concern across the region.

Available across the United States in more than 4,400 cities and towns, and currently being deployed across Japan, NextNav’s Pinnacle technology provides critical “z-axis” data and has been demonstrated in independent testing to deliver 94 percent “floor-level” accuracy - a level unrivaled by any other available technology. In recent years, multiple wireless carriers, devices, and first responder communication companies have selected NextNav to provide z-axis capabilities to enhance first responder situational awareness and provide emergency caller location, reducing response times and saving lives.

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