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News from new autonomy and sensor distributor

By [email protected] - 17th April 2019 - 12:21

FROME, SOMERSET, UK: Level Five Supplies, the UK’s first dedicated distributor and integrator focused on autonomous vehicles, has confirmed six new distribution agreements, to represent technology developers across territories that range from UK-specific to pan-European.

The companies and their products include:

  • Ouster – a US company making LiDAR sensors for robotics, drones, surveying, automation and autonomous vehicles
  • NavTech Radar – a UK company making advanced Radar sensors for autonomous vehicles, perimeter security and transport monitoring
  • Telemecanique – a French-owned company making Ultrasonic sensors used in automation, autonomous vehicles, manufacturing and robotics
  • Observant Innovations – a UK company offering a special panoramic camera which remarkably does not use image stitching to achieve a perfect 360 video feed
  • Applus Idiada – a Spanish company that has developed its first external-facing product in the UK, a dedicated Processing platform for industrial automation, autonomous vehicles and sensor development
  • Quantum – a US company with specialist Data storage solutions for autonomous vehicles and mobile robotics

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, Level Five Supplies’ CEO, said he was pleased with the quick progress made in developing the company’s product portfolio. “It’s a genuine pleasure to announce these partnerships after considerable effort, we are very happy to represent some genuinely exciting products, some of which are being represented by external partners for the first time, and seen in the UK and Europe for the very first time”.

“These technologies, and our passions, are focused on autonomous vehicles, but all of the products we are now promoting are used in many sectors, from robotics to industrial automation, marine and offshore, surveying, energy production, security and UAVs – so we expect interest in these new products from many sectors.”

The sensors are both cutting edge and robustly engineered for a variety of working environments, and meet the demanding standards of IP67 to guarantee resilience.

“Working in close collaboration with some of our suppliers, we’ll also be offering some exciting discounts to those in academia, and are looking forward to presenting these technologies at events in the UK and Europe, as well as to a wider specialist audience nationally and internationally over the coming year.”

The company is working on a second slew of new suppliers, expecting to announce in May, which will include other specialist sensors and drive-by-wire systems used across multiple autonomy, engineering, manufacturing, security and robotics applications.

Level Five Supplies is also supporting the UK’s first DIY Robocars group as part of its outreach programme, running monthly from April until July, to encourage and engage people, whether professional engineers or interested robotics enthusiasts, to build and race their own scale model autonomous toy cars, a step change from their full-size equivalents.

“Education and engagement on autonomous vehicles, along with their pros and cons, takes many forms,“ said Alex, “since I have being working to make these technologies more accessible and understandable since 2016, I’m proud to bring the international DIY Robocars brand to life here in the West of England, with support from the local community.”

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