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New Youtube Video: Riegl VQX-1 Wing Pod

By Eric Van Rees - 28th October 2022 - 06:42

Did you see the VQX-1 fully integrated airborne laser scanning solution at INTERGEO 2022?

If not, watch the brand-new YouTube video highlighting all the amazing features of the RIEGL VQX-1.

The RIEGL VQX-1 Wing Pod is a fully integrated airborne laser scanning solution to facilitate various airborne mapping applications.

The pod is designed to carry one RIEGL Laser Scanner (VQ-480 II, VQ-580 II-(S), VUX-240, VUX-120²³, VUX-160²³, or VQ-840-G) as well as up to three high-resolution cameras and an appropriate high-end IMU/GNSS system.

The EASA supplemental type certificate for the pod to be mounted on Cessna Single Piston-Engine Aircraft models 172, 182, and 206 will be available soon.

Check out the video by clicking here.

riegl vqx 1

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