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NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: RIEGL VMR Robotic Rail Laser Scanning System for data acquisition in Stop-&-Go-Mode

By Eric Van Rees - 6th March 2023 - 11:49

The VMR platform developed by RIEGL is a system for carrying out automated surveying processes especially in the railway sector.

The so-called ROS Robot Operation System is used as the central interface and to enable user-specific extensions.

Informative and reliable scan data are provided by the well-proven RIEGL VZ-400i 3D Laser Scanner. In Stop & Go mode, up to 50 scans/hour are performed. These single scanning positions are registered fully automatically onboard of the scanner with high precision. Optionally, LED spotlights as well as cameras for the acquisition of high-resolution, calibrated images can be integrated. The georeferenced point clouds are well prepared for exportation to third-party rail processing software packages.

Explore the RIEGL VMR in the video posted here!

riegl vmr robotic rail 1200

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