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New Web Atlas from Russian Geographers

By Peter Fitzgibbon - 16th July 2019 - 12:17

Geographers of the Lomonosov Moscow State University have published a web-atlas of the available wave and wind energy in the Russian seas.

The test version of the web-atlas, posted in open access at, contains data on the spatial distribution of wave energy in the Black, Caspian, Baltic, Barents and the Kara seas. The atlas also contains information on the basic parameters of wind waves.

The basis of the atlas, which started development in 2018, consists of unique data on the energy potential of the wind and waves obtained from numerical modeling.

Within the framework of the project, scientists are also developing a method for calculating the optimal output of hybrid systems that use solar, wind and wave energy for power output.

“The method calculates the number of generators of one type or another that is required for the most stable generation of electricity or for its maximum generation over a given period of time at a particular location,” said Stanislav Myslenkov, the web atlas project co-ordinator and senior researcher from the Oceanology department of the Lomonosov MSU.

There is increasing interest in the study of renewable energy all over the world, with one of the main drivers being to replace depleted hydrocarbon resources with more environmentally-friendly solar, wind and wave energy. However, renewable energy sources are characterised by their inconstant distribution in space and time. Therefore, it is necessary to provide detailed estimates of the available "green" (renewable) energy for the effective industry development.

The web-atlas will be enhanced with other data: wind energy and special statistical functions for the seasonal variability of wave/wind characteristics.

The latest project news, as well as publications describing the results, are available at Research Gate (

This project has been funded by the All-Russian non-governmental organisation “Russian Geographical Society”.

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