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New solution from Teledyne Geospatial delivers survey-grade lidar point clouds from UAV platforms

By Eric Van Rees - 14th October 2022 - 05:37

Teledyne Geospatial announces the Optech CLS-A, a new survey-grade UAV lidar and camera system.

The Optech CLS-A enables the highest quality surveying and inspection applications where the tight integration of a powerful, narrow beam divergence laser, high accuracy IMU, calibrated camera and powerful post-processing software provide for efficient wide area collection at the allowable regulation limits for UAV operation.

The Optech CLS-A integrates the CL-360XR lidar scanner with its industry leading 0.3-mrad beam divergence, 360-deg field of view, and survey-grade precision and accuracy. The CL-360XR enables the collection of topographic lidar data from 120m agl or higher through vegetated and varied elevation terrain. The lidar is paired with a calibrated 80-degree field of view digital global shutter camera that enables colorization and high-resolution inspection. Data collected with Optech CLS-A, ALTM Galaxy, and Lynx systems can be simultaneously processed through a common workflow within Optech LMS Professional.

The CLS-A can be easily integrated onto a variety of UAV platforms depending upon the user’s preference. The integration can be completed with as little as power, an isolated mechanical mount, and a GNSS Antenna. The CLS-A is engineered to deliver high quality results for applications such as hard-surface engineering surveys, electricity vegetation management, topographic surveys, corridor monitoring, roads/pavement, railway, forestry, construction, mining, and archeology.

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