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New release of Software Enterprise Gateway

By [email protected] - 9th July 2018 - 10:46

Realworld Software Products BV is proud to announce a new release of Software Enterprise Gateway.

Smallworld Enterprise Gateway is the leading product for synchronizing GE Smallworld™ to Oracle®.

With this new release of Smallworld Enterprise Gateway, the product is compatible with the new release of Smallworld CST 5.1.7. This version of Smallworld Enterprise Gateway is even compatible backwards to CST 4.3.

This new release contains a set of improvement to make the use of Enterprise Gateway even easier:

  • Compatibility with Smallworld 5.1.7 suite
  • Import functionality upgrade (geom_id reflection, support for more complex scenarios)
  • Automated script running (SQL and Magik)
  • Configuration backup (automated and manual, with restore functionality)
  • UI update (multiple small improvements)
  • Performance optimization for Full Export into empty tables
  • Optimizations for Datamodel operations

The focus points that makes your business easier are the unprecedented speed of synchronization and the ease of configuration that is no customization is needed. Smallworld Enterprise solves all kinds of possible mappings between Smallworld and Oracle. Both systems have their own way of defining data and geometry field types.

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