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New Partnership Agreement Between Outsight And Innovusion To Accelerate Lidar Technology’s Adoption In The ITS Market

By Eric Van Rees - 29th November 2023 - 07:57

Outsight, a specialist in 3D Spatial Intelligence Software Solutions, and Innovusion, a provider of advanced, high-performance LiDAR systems, announced a new partnership aiming to combine Outsight’s software platform with Innovusion’s products.

Thanks to this partnership, 3D perception technologies can be deployed at a large scale for ITS, giving operators access to a whole new dimension of spatial information.

Innovusion, a provider of high-performance LiDAR systems for autonomous vehicles and smart transportation, will be a key partner in Outsight’s mission to expand the adoption of 3D LiDAR technology. This collaboration aims to integrate Outsight’s software platform with Innovusion’s product suite, marking a significant stride towards deploying 3D perception technologies on a large scale for Intelligent Transportation Systems* (ITS).

Innovusion is shaping the future of safe autonomous driving and system solutions aimed at enhancing mobility safety through its image-grade LiDAR solutions. Featuring top-of-the-line LiDAR sensors that stretch from mid-range to ultra-long range, Innovusion has not only found resonance within the automotive sector but has also forged global partnerships with vehicle manufacturers, technology multinationals, and leaders in smart transportation and industrial automation sectors.

Outsight’s software solutions transform raw data from 3D LiDAR into actionable insights, analyzing in real time the individual position, movement and speed of people, objects and vehicles in a fully anonymous way throughout complex environments, including densely crowded areas. Outsight’s software is engineered to make LiDAR technology more accessible and swiftly usable across a multitude of sectors, paving the way for enhanced situational awareness in dynamic and challenging environments.

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