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New level of ‘wraparound service’ for KOREC customers

By [email protected] - 3rd July 2019 - 10:00

The UK-based supplier of surveying-related products and services will support customers win more business, from the tendering process through to field data collection and the final provision of intelligent, timely deliverables.

This new level of service will provide KOREC customers with an approach designed to supply solutions to problems rather than just products. This will include providing customers with cost-effective access to sector expertise, generally not available in-house, and ground breaking technology principally regarded as outside a capital outlay.

The provision of this service will be through KOREC Professional Services (specialising in mobile mapping surveys) and an enriched KOREC Hire Service backed up by dedicated field and office support.

Professional Services: Providing all survey and engineering companies, from sole operators to national businesses, with a low risk, no outlay method of adding mobile mapping to their portfolio. Key benefits include:

1. Expansion of your business by offering clients mobile mapping surveys, and all their benefits, without the need for a hefty capital outlay or training costs.

2. Access to the full range of Trimble field to finish mobile mapping solutions including the MX2, MX7, and new generation MX9.

3. Safe delivery of highway projects faster and without the need for traffic management or road closures

4. Access to expert advice, services and consultancy at every stage of a project through data capture, processing, hosting and delivery.

5. Quality assured deliverables from KOREC’s experienced mobile mapping team.

Mark Reid, KOREC Professional Services Director said, “We are in a new era of customer care and customer expectation which is best met with an approach that supplies solutions rather than just products. Key to KOREC Professional Services is the idea of working or partnering with the customer to identify their project requirements and develop the most appropriate solution which we will then help them implement either through service, hire or purchase. In short, we want to work with our customers more closely to ensure that they get access to the best solutions available to deliver their projects successfully, first time.”

KOREC Hire: KOREC is equipped to offer a vast range of solutions for hire from entry level construction tools to leading-edge technology including scanning, plug and play monitoring systems, drones and rail track measurement devices.

Key benefits include:

1. Dedicated field and office support for every instrument

2. Complimentary, comprehensive ‘technical handover’ for instrument familiarisation

3. Fast delivery – next day is the norm

4. Well stocked fleet - fast reaction to short notice requests

5. Cost-effective access to new technology and instruments that can expand a business’s offering

Mark Crawford, KOREC, Strategic Business Manager for Hire, said “Support is key to what we do at KOREC and our hire fleet is backed up by a trained, field and office support team with a single aim - to keep our customers productive in the field. The breadth of KOREC’s hire offering allows us to resolve the daily challenges our customers face, whether that is the need for a total station or GPS on short and long-term projects,a ‘Plug and Play’ multi-environment monitoring system to deploy and initialise quickly on site, or taking the next step and considering a Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station or the GEDO IMS system to increase productivity within an already demanding delivery plan.”

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