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New 10-Centimeter Resolution Now Accessible with Stratospheric Balloons

By Eric Van Rees - 7th February 2022 - 06:29

Near Space Labs, the cutting-edge geospatial intelligence and Earth observation company, announced the launch of its 10 cm per pixel Earth imagery resolution.

This highly detailed imagery will be offered at the same affordable price as Near Space Labs’ 30 cm imagery, providing three times the resolution for no additional charge to power a wide range of industries such as city planning, conservation, government insurance, mobility, and more. Near Space Labs increases access to relevant, timely, and wide-scale information about the Earth to everyone who needs it, with no trade offs between resolution, frequency, and cost.

“We all know knowledge is power, but for years, Earth imagery at the 10 cm level has been limited to a select few who can afford to task a plane or satellite. Additionally, satellites provide low resolution imagery and are inflexible, while planes require perfect weather conditions and emit massive amounts of greenhouse gasses. Without improving our options and expanding access to this information, we’re collectively operating in the dark,” said Rema Matevosyan, Co-Founder and CEO of Near Space Labs. “We founded Near Space Labs because we believe high-quality geospatial imagery is key to unlocking new solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges and should be available to all of the world’s brightest minds – without producing environmental waste.”

Near Space Labs’ autonomous wind-powered high altitude platforms, called Swiftys, make frequent flights in the stratosphere and capture 400-1,000 square km of imagery per flight (the equivalent of approximately 187,000 football fields). Swiftys are easy to deploy, wind and software powered, and zero-emission.

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