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Neeco ICT Global (Neeco) launches Trexee

By [email protected] - 21st March 2019 - 18:27

Neeco ICT Global (Neeco) launches Trexee, an advanced IoT Asset Tracking & Monitoring solution to reduce costs and downtime, enable predictive maintenance and improve asset management across all markets.

Industries of nearly every kind benefit from asset tracking not only because it prevents theft, loss, and damage, but also because assets comprise such a large percentage of a company’s holdings. Neeco, one of the world’s leading providers of ICT services and system integration, has responded to market and client needs for more advanced asset tracking to launch Trexee.

An IoT asset tracker and monitor that goes beyond existing market solutions, Trexee stands out by providing unlimited communication around the world including unlimited geo-facing and notifications. It also has the best battery lifetime available and offers advanced vibration monitoring. Thanks to 128-bit encryption and the VPN tunnel of global connectivity providers, the Trexee also offers high end security, an important consideration in the on-going fight in Cyber Security.

All of this also allows for predictive maintenance that stops problems before they start and enables highly effective and strategic cost tracking to be undertaken. The Trexee also enables improved efficiency and reduced human intervention through automation which makes processes more efficient and less prone to errors.

It enables companies to proactively collect and analyze data about their assets so they can use the information gained in a much more efficient and time effective manner. Assets monitored by the Trexee include anything that moves such as car and truck fleets, industrial machinery, airplanes and rail, whilst industries which will benefit from the Trexee include transportation, logistics, healthcare, agriculture, industry, retail and consumer markets.

“Asset tracking that delivers real-time data contributes to a healthy bottom line, and IoT devices and systems make asset tracking more accurate and reliable than ever before”, said David Patek, founder of Neeco ICT Global Services. “The overall IoT market is normally viewed as new devices for new applications, but in this instance we have a huge existing market making this an exciting opportunity for all”.

The Trexee has superior monitoring capabilities which measure and transmit across many different areas. These include the exact position of the asset using GPS and Glonass satellite systems GSM localization; speed and direction of movement; temperature, air pressure, and humidity; acceleration and tilting vibration patterns; battery and voltage status.

The overall offering consists of a GPS unit with a three-axis G sensor for motion and tilt detection, a responsive web portal in 16 languages, an embedded global SIM, and a mobile app for Android and iOS. There are five versions available, each with individual specifications for individual industry requirements. Sitting alongside and complementary to the Trexee is Trexee Maps. This is an advanced fleet management system with integrated navigation which allows users to create efficient routes for delivery or collection of goods. It enables them to visualise and optimise routes, change routes and send instructions to the driver. It has the advantage of increasing the potential of inexperienced drivers.

Privately owned company Neeco Global ICT Services was founded by Czech entrepreneur David Pátek in 2009. Neeco is a leading provider of global ICT solutions and system integrator. It provides its clients with support needed to focus on their core business – from consultancy, technical support to fully managed services. With its network of more than 20,000 engineers around the world, Neeco is able to provide 24/7 customer support. It operates in 160 countries across 7 continents. Neeco clients include are international TelCo corporations such as TATA Communications and Vodafone, NTT, Hilton hotels chain and others. Company headquarters are in the Czech Republic.

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