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Naurt supercharges delivery industry as it goes public with innovative geo-location software

By Eric Van Rees - 21st September 2023 - 06:32

The global “last mile” food and package delivery industry is worth almost $990b and is facing immense pressures to manage costs and cope with demand.

Helping them deliver on their promise and create operational efficiencies, geo-location start-up Naurt today announcing the public launch of their software which is set to redefine the delivery ecosystem. Having successfully completed over 80 pilots with a range of organisations, Naurt is launching with a £300,000 funding from venture builder Founder + Lighting to propel its ambitious scale-up plans.

The Naurt platform is laser focussed on fixing the biggest issue facing delivery drivers: the arduous task of finding the best parking spot and the correct building entrance. By showcasing the optimal locations, Naurt guarantees quicker deliveries, ensuring parcels never get lost or delayed. This innovation not only enhances delivery capacity by 5% to 15%, but it also significantly impacts delivery companies’ gross profit margins by minimising the key industry “stop cost” metric. This measures the number of deliveries made per shift divided by the length of time it’s taken the driver to complete.

During its beta testing (last 18 months), Naurt has collaborated with 83 organisations, who have reported a 6.67% increase in daily deliveries. This boost, equating to an additional delivery per day for drivers, translates into substantial financial savings for companies, especially when labour costs account for a substantial 40% of delivery service expenses.

Founded in 2020, Naurt has been on a mission to refine GPS tracking accuracy. The company’s unique software-first approach has enabled them to deliver significant business impact and has been recognised by winning Tech Nation’s Rising Stars start-up competition, outperforming 627 others. With a rapidly expanding team, which includes industry stalwarts Lucy Woolfenden, former CMO at Yolt, and Cien Solon, ex-Zilch, Naurt is poised to scale the business.

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