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National providers of official geospatial data map out role in EU decade of action

By Eric Van Rees - 10th October 2022 - 11:51

Ensuring decision-makers understand the roles, capabilities, and concerns of national sources of official map, cadastral and land registration data is key to the success of the European Union’s decade of action.

EuroGeographics, the voice of Europe’s National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authorities, has highlighted how members’ Europe-wide cooperation forms the foundation for collaborations to realise a wide range of policies, including the EU’s Digital Decade and Green Deal.

Speaking after participating in the Society of European Affairs Professionals 2022 General Assembly, Stefania Bostan, EU Public Affairs Consultant, EuroGeographics commented: “Whether it’s geospatial or land information, data and services provided by our members are a fundamental part of our everyday lives.”

“From apps for exploring outside, to ordering food deliveries; from online gaming to ensuring we pay the correct amount of tax, many of us are using their information no less than 40 times a day, often without even realising.”

“To fulfil our vision of a society enabled by our members’ trusted geospatial data, EuroGeographics has to provide a credible and legitimate voice for official sources of national mapping, cadastral and land registration information.”

“We demonstrate our commitment to constructive participation in policy development and legislative programmes through our Membership of the Society of European Affairs Professionals, and our registration on the EU Transparency Register.”

“This provides confidence to decision-makers that, in the same way as our members can be trusted to provide accurate reliable information, EuroGeographics can be trusted to support the public good by providing a single point of contact for government, business and citizens to benefit from members’ collective expertise, data and services.”

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