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NASH Maritime launches shipping constraints tool for offshore developers

By Eric Van Rees - 23rd March 2023 - 09:57

NASH Maritime, a recognised specialist in shipping, navigation, and maritime risk, announced the launch of its online shipping constraints tool, SCOWT.

Harnessing the power of webGIS technology, SCOWT helps offshore developers de-risk projects from a navigation perspective.

Users of SCOWT can characterise shipping and navigation constraints within a given area, understand how navigation may be impacted and how existing sea use impinges on their project ambitions. To help developers understand exactly what is driving constraint, a downloadable report is available that gives granular detail on the shipping constraints in a chosen area and un-packs them, factor-by-factor.

Site boundaries can be modified and directly compared, enabling developers to test scenarios without the need for specialist navigation knowledge or GIS skills. Sitting behind the tool is NASH Maritime’s risk engine, a set of algorithms that score, weight and combine all the relevant data to provide an overall shipping constraint score.

Recognising that shipping and navigation can be a major constraint on development, NASH Maritime sought to provide direct access to its datasets and constraints modelling to empower developers to refine project boundaries and de-risk decisions through leasing, consenting and development.

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