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MyCumulus 3.0 has been launched

By [email protected] - 10th July 2019 - 11:05

ADW-Software launched MyCumulus 3.0: “Mobile Data Collection has never been easier!”

MyCumulus is a cloud-based service. A combination of an app, a website and a number of tools that allows any user to create its own forms, collect or update data on an Android device and view the data on the MyCumulus website. The data can be imported in Pythagoras CAD+GIS Software .

MyCumulus is the ideal solution for any type of mobile data collection and updates:

  • GIS : land surveyors, municipalities, public facilities, archeology, ..
  • fieldwork research
  • questionnaires
  • inventarisation

The new features in MyCumulus 3.0

When developing MyCumulus 3.0, we focused primarily on surveying, road construction and utilities. MyCumulus 3.0 anticipates an evolution: new and cheap GNSS devices are on the market that, in combination with Android devices and MyCumulus, allow measurements directly in the cloud. And not just the position: the user can create his own forms, adapted to a project, to measure data such as the attributes of utility lines quickly and easily. MyCumulus 3.0 calculates UTM, RD (NAP), or Lambert (TAW) coordinates, in accordance with official standards, both in the app and when exchanged with other programs.

MyCumulus has an Open API, allowing developers to write tools that interact with the MyCumulus server. Integration of databases and making custom reports are just a few examples of the plenitude of solutions the API offers.

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