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Mozambique Is Early Adopter of Esri Land Administration Modernization Program

By Eric Van Rees - 28th October 2019 - 07:55

Esri, a provider of location intelligence, announced the successful implementation of the Land Administration Modernization Program (LAMP) at the National Directorate of Lands (DINAT), the land administration organization under the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development in Mozambique. LAMP is aimed at helping developing countries jump-start and modernize their land administration systems.
DINAT needed to conduct field data collection and maintain its system of records, and expediting the process of land-use regularization is a priority for the agency. So, DINAT applied to LAMP for assistance in fulfilling its overall mission of ensuring the access and rational use of land for the economic, social, and environmental benefit of present and future generations of Mozambicans.
"Having enough funding available to upgrade ArcGIS technology at the pace Esri evolves its platform and bringing value to [the] upgrade or evolving some cadastral processes was always a challenge," said Simão Joaquim, Director of DINAT. "Since 2011 when we installed the first cadastral solution, we did not have the opportunity to evolve the existing solution. Now DINAT is able to take advantage of an ArcGIS software donation provided by LAMP to evolve our system of land management."
LAMP enables DINAT to meet the significant challenge of comprehensive land governance with effective policies, processes, and tools that can identify, record, and disseminate information. Using the tools and apps of Esri's ArcGIS platform, DINAT is already making land administration business processes more efficient and productive, as well as improving parcel data accuracy. Additionally, Esri's Living Atlas of the World geographic data content and mobile apps are providing a crucial utility in this process.
"We are very excited by the possibilities created through the Esri LAMP," said Brent Jones, Esri global manager, land records/cadastre. "It will empower our current efforts to improve land administration by providing superior tools to support the fieldwork, analysis, decision-making, and planning of land use. The program will also enable organizations like DINAT to increase their capabilities in all these domains by having more people learning and using these innovative tools."
"This project represents a lighthouse for Africa," said Sohail El Abd, general manager of Esri Middle East and Africa. "Many governments are looking at ways to increase revenue through registration of land, and LAMP, powered by Esri technology, provides them with an opportunity to do so. We are excited to be working with DINAT to make this happen."

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