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Monroe County, Fla., Upgrades CompassCom Mobile Resource Management

By [email protected] - 9th August 2017 - 17:07

Monroe County, Fla., Upgrades CompassCom Mobile Resource Management to Leverage Motorola P25 Radio for Officer Safety ~ CompassTrac 7.1 Demo at APCO

CENTENNIAL, Colorado, 9 August 2017 – The Monroe County, Fla., Sheriff has upgraded its CompassCom Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution to fully leverage the county’s recently enhanced Motorola P25 radio network. The Sheriff can now track the precise real-time location of every officer in a vehicle or on foot via the digital communications system that is interoperable with other federal, state and local public safety agencies.

The Sheriff’s office completed transition to CompassCom’s CompassTrac Enterprise v7.1 MRM this summer shortly after upgrading to Motorola’s Intelligent Middle Ware (IMW) platform and ASTRO P25 radios. CompassCom will demonstrate the solution at the 2017 APCO Conference & Expo in Denver.

“Integration of the CompassCom MRM solution and Motorola digital radio network improves the safety, efficiency and accountability of Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies empowering real-time decisions,” said Michael Kovacs, CompassCom Director of Sales.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office patrols a diverse string of islands that make up The Florida Keys. The department purchased CompassTrac Enterprise in 2015 to dispatch and track high-value assets. CompassTrac Enterprise is an on-premise platform that receives location and status data from a GPS-equipped vehicle, smartphone and portable radio and serves that information in real-time to an Esri based digital map display.

The department upgraded to the Motorola IMW Platform to enable the latest generation of Motorola ASTRO functionality to integrate with the CompassTrac Enterprise robust capabilities, providing vehicle and portable radios location for full situational awareness.

“We wanted to know where every officer is, even if they can’t talk,” said Laura White, Monroe County Sheriff Emergency Communications Director. “There aren’t a lot of asset tracking systems that track portable radios the way CompassTrac does.”

In addition to the ability to track portable radios, the new CompassTrac Enterprise integrates seamlessly with the client’s Esri ArcGIS environment. Monroe County has invested in Esri technology, this means the asset location and status data can be viewed live in ArcGIS. Version 7.1 solutions empower desktop, tablet and smartphone users to have full situational awareness.

CompassCom is Motorola’s premier partner for location, mapping and messaging solutions. CompassCom’s solution integrates with the Motorola IMW 5.2 platform and ASTRO radios for full compatibility. CompassTrac Enterprise leverages web services that will enable clients like Monroe County to embed live weather, traffic or other web feeds directly into the asset tracking interface.

CompassCom MRM is used extensively by public safety, utility, energy, public works and other organizations that must track personnel, vehicles and other high-value assets in real time. Monroe County Sheriff’s office relies on the system in real-time and replay mode for a variety of dispatch and operations functions that ensure officers are safe and performing their duties efficiently. Replay is a popular CompassTrac feature that allows after action review of location data for Incident Management.

CompassCom will demonstrate CompassTrac Enterprise along with the new CompassTracker App for smart phones in booth #752 at the 2017 APCO Conference being held Aug.13-16 in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center.

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