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Mission Kit May from QuestUAV

By [email protected] - 12th May 2017 - 15:40

QuestUAV have an amazing May offer that will be included with any quotes created in May 2017.

They have a great special offer to cover all your operational needs. Buy any full QuestUAV airframe and get your choice of mission kit included free of charge (worth up to £1000)

Mission kits are designed by QuestUAV to compliment the operational and maintenance schedules run by airframe users throughout mission periods. Kits provide parts for in-field repair and maintenance, which reduces aircraft absence by avoiding service returns to the manufacturer – or mission extension parts to make better use of valuable on-site time when flying survey missions.

Spares Kit

  • Wing parts and trapdoor designed for easy replacement after multiple landings in rough terrain.

Propulsion Kit

  • Replacement motors, props and speed controllers for quick swap-out.

Camera Kit

  • Filters, battery, cleaning equipment & storage card sets for more flights between data dumps.

Battery Kit

  • Multiple battery sets and charger for extended airframe use on-site.

Talk to their technical sales team today to find out which kit will suit your operational needs. They will consult you to ensure you are supplied with all the information and costs that would benefit your industry or project directly.

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