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miso Releases OS Highways Network Translator to the OpenSource Community

By [email protected] - 27th November 2018 - 18:21

Miso, the leading translator of OS data sets, have released a fully featured solution for the complex OS Highways Network data set to the OpenSource community.

The community has delivered a huge amount of value to the GIS world, and miso wants to support this.
This release will provide the GIS community with a fantastic opportunity to adopt this very powerful new OS dataset.

The OS Highways Network dataset is both very powerful and hugely complex. The miso translator cools this complexity, making the dataset usable in an everyday form. Specifically it processes he data:

  • In a one-click operation
  • Optimised and styled in .TAB format
  • Suitable for loading into any spatial database system
  • Spatially referenced using British National Grid (BNG).
  • Displayed in two map windows by default

The solution is built on the widely available FME technology and released as an FME workspace which can be run on FME Desktop Pro 2018.1 upwards. FME was chosen as it is the best technology to deliver the “heavy lifting” required and is widely adopted in both the OpenSource and GIS communities. The workspace has been uploaded to GitHub and can be found here.

The completely open nature of the release means that other suppliers will be able to pick up the workspace and start developing a much wider range of services.

Said Ben Allan, MD of Miso, “We are delighted that we have been able to release this workspace and at the same time support the OpenSource community. This is a really powerful dataset and I hope that our contribution here will enable its great value to be enjoyed by the whole GIS community”.

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